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Do we need alternative types of communication: ICQ, Skype, etc. and how to add them?

On your website in the "Contacts" section you can specify any relevant contact information for your company: Skype, Viber, ICQ, etc.

Even if you do not currently have registered accounts in Internet messengers, register them. The more options for communication you provide to your potential buyers, the more chances that you will find "hot" customers.


Please note: for your potential foreign partners or even compatriots who for some reason are currently abroad, it may not always be convenient to call you. There can be many reasons for this: the difference in time zones, the high cost of telephone conversations, the language barrier, etc. Therefore, let your potential customers choose their own type of communication with you, providing a variety of contact information.

Do not forget also that unlike a missed phone call, an appeal via an Internet messenger (ICQ, Skype, Viber, Jabber, etc.) will be recorded in the chat and you will not only be aware of the fact that a potential customer is contacting you, but also in the course of what he wanted. And this means that you will never miss a "hot" client and benefit from cooperation with him.

In order to add a new contact, in your personal account MY AllBiz, select the "Enterprise" section. In the "Enterprise essential elements" tab on the opened page, click the "Edit" button. In the opened form of adding company requisites, find the field for adding additional contact data (directly below the "Phones" field).


In the first window, select the desired type of connection from the drop-down list: ICQ, Skype, MSN, Jabber, etc. In the field opposite, specify the number or login of the contact. To connect additional fields, click "More". You can add as many contacts as you need.

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