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How to write a message to the supplier?

To get a quick reply to a request sent to the supplier's address through the contact form, compose your message correctly.

Be sure to fill in all fields marked with "*" correctly. Specify the topic clearly: what you want to buy, you want to get a price for products or services, etc. Form your question or order, indicating all the details you are interested in.

- Enter your full name so that the supplier knows how to contact you.
- Make sure you have entered the correct phone number. According to statistics, more precisely those appeals, in which the contact phone number is indicated, is more reliable. In the field "Phone" you can enter several numbers with the same code of the operator or city.
- In the "E-mail" field, enter the correct address in order to get an exhaustive answer as quickly as possible.

The message, compiled competently, within the framework of business correspondence etiquette and completely revealing the essence of your appeal, will necessarily receive an exhaustive answer.

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