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Why don't I receive requests from customers?

On the subscriber boxes of companies participating in the Allbiz, about 10,000 written inquiries are received from potential buyers every day. If you do not receive requests for your products or services, follow the advice of our experts:

Advice 1.

Make sure that the requests are really absent in the email box.

In your personal account, open the "Orders" section. Check the contents of all the folders in the Inbox section. If there are messages there, but you did not receive notifications about them to your email address, your mail server may perceive notices about new messages in the mailbox as junk mail. Change the settings for your personal mailbox.

Advice 2.

Check that the contact information is correct.

Perhaps the mistake in the phone number or mailbox address caused your potential buyers can't contact you. It will not be superfluous to be convinced also that competent contacts are responsible for these contacts, correctly handling incoming calls.

Advice 3.

Add more information about the company and its offer: catalogs of products and services, price lists, operating mode, location map, etc.

The more information about your company, its products and services you add to the site, the more chances you are giving your potential customers to find your offer. Do not place your products and services in the same group. Don't add just a few items - you can present your assortment in 50 different groups of products or services.

Advice 4.

Regularly update the information: company requisites, catalogs of products and services.

The more recent and up-to-date information about your products and services, and the more often you confirm the relevance of your company details, the higher your offer is displayed in the directory of the countries among similar products or services.

Advice 5.

Check your positions in the directory in the main product groups or service groups.

Perhaps your positions are so low that all inquiries and customers get to competitors whose offers are displayed above in the catalog. Become a paid member of Allbiz and provide your offer with competitive advantages. To receive more requests, and use all the features of the system, use one of the registration packages "Standard", "Business" or "Gold".

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