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How to set up the delivery with "Nova poshta"?

With the activation of the Basket, you can set up a method for delivering the products to the customer using the New Mail service.

To activate the service, go to the Setting Site section - the Basket settings, and select the delivery method - Nova Poshta. Synchronize with the profile on the site of Nova Poshta, clicking on the link "Grant access to the profile of "Nova Poshta". This may take some time.


Fill in the sender's settings, specifying the size of the goods sold. This will immediately show the cost of delivery in the shopping cart.

Click the Save button, and the delivery by Nova Poshta will be connected.


After the activation of the delivery by Nova Poshta, your customers will immediately be able to choose the delivery department of Nova Poshta while ordering the products. After filling the mandatory fields in the order, the system will automatically calculate the approximate cost of delivery.

When processing an order, you can generate an express waybill (EN). To do this, specify the exact weight and dimensions of the parcel. This will determine the exact shipping cost. Print out the waybill and show it in the Nova Poshta department.

Also, in the personal cabinet, a service to create the EN, not tied to a specific order in the basket is available.

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