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How to get more calls from prospective customers?

To get more calls from prospective customers use the hints from our experts.

Hint 1.

Take care of the quality of the content for your product/service catalogs, as well as their regular updates.

A clear indication of a product or service name, a detailed unique (not replicating other sources) description, own photographs, a price – all these impact granting the priority for your offering display among its analogs in the Allbiz catalog. The higher the positions of your products and services are, the more calls from prospective clients you will get.

The catalog update date (actuality) also impacts the display priority.

Hint 2.

Add more contacts to your site. Indicate the telephone number, e-mail, Skype, ICQ etc. Mark your company whereabouts on the map.

The more contact information you make public, the more opportunities of contacting you will be there for your prospective clients. Make sure of the fairness of such information – an error in numerical or alphabetical data can leave your customers without a feedback altogether.

Make sure competent staff provides efficient feedback via the contacts specified at the web-site.


Hint 3.

To get even more inquires, use one of the registration packages.

Allbiz registration packages ensure the priority of offering display in a catalog. Besides, a whole set of tools drawing in more customer attention and ensuring your products and services are getting competitive positions among similar offerings at the resource is envisaged within the framework of the registration packages.

Learn more about the capabilities of the registration packages.

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