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How to contact a potential buyer?

To contact a potential buyer who sent his request for your products or services via the feedback form to the following, please use the contacts indicated in the received message.

All messages that are sent to the mailboxes of companies registered on the basis of the aforementioned fields contain fields with compulsory information: country, telephone number and e-mail of the sender.

For communication with the customer, which you found on Allbiz, use the contact phone numbers specified directly in the catalog or a special form for sending messages.

The phone numbers of unverified companies are not displayed in the search results on Allbiz. However, you can always contact them using the contact form or by calling the numbers indicated on the buyer's website.

Additional contacts of the buyer (phone numbers, Email, Skype, ICQ, etc.), as well as the works schedule you can get on the company's website. To go to the company's website, click on the name in the catalog.

By giving preference to working with customers with verified data, you increase the security level of the transaction.

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