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How can I receive requests from customers?

To receive requests for your products and services from potential buyers on Allbiz, you must register and add information about the company, its products and services. How to do it, read in the article "How to register a company on Allbiz?".

If you have already placed data about your company and its offer, then you already have a subscriber box on the Allbiz resource, which receives messages (requests) from your potential buyers and customers.

Check if you have specified all the contact details, as well as their correctness. The more contact information you place, the more opportunities you give the buyer to contact you.

Allbiz also provides automatic transfer of messages arriving to the post box to your personal email address. More details about this feature can be found in the article "Can I receive inquiries from customers directly by e-mail?"

To receive more requests, take advantage of paid registration on Allbiz. It will allow you to receive 10-200 times more orders compared to free accommodation. 

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