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How should a quality product/service description look like?

The «Description” field is one of the most important from the search engine indexation standpoint. An acceptable size of a description at your site created with the Allbiz platform is up to 3,000 characters.

Search engines prefer the sites reach in informational content. For this reason you should always be looking to increase the text content of a site. Optimal are the pages containing not less than 500 characters of text information.

A page made up of a few sentences has far less chances of getting to the top of a search engine.

Please note!

Quality is a far more important parameter than quantity. A content being added to your site, in our case the text of a description, has to be unique. Replicating information from other sites is a blunder which will result in a decreased display level at the search engines.

You can make the text of a description for your products and services yourself or turn to professional copywriters.

An ideal text of a description might be the one which matches the following requirements:

  • fully discloses the characteristics and peculiarities of a product or service and answers all the questions which can be of interest for the customer;
  • good grammar and style;
  • size of 500 to 20000 characters;
  • uniqueness (not less than 70%);
  • availability of the key words (phrases to be used by customers searching for your product or service) –  3 – 7 repetitions;
  • key words (phrases) in bold.


Having found your offer at Allbiz and being interested in a detailed description, a prospective customer should be provided with exhaustive information about a product or service offered: characteristics, competitive advantages, distinctive features, methods of purchase, delivery and payment terms. In this case you are likely to get loyal clients and expand the circle of your customers.

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